The 7 Finest Auxiliary cables for music lovers

It is an amazing feeling when you listen to your favorite music while driving towards work or back home. If you have an auxiliary cable, the need to purchase CD’s and DVD’s does not exist. Instead, with this cable, you can connect your smartphone or tablet to the music player and listen to your favorite songs by streaming or playing downloaded files. We carried a research on the best auxiliary cables which you can get your hands on and here are the results we attained.

  1. iXCC 3ft with 3.5mm jack

This is a tangle-free auxiliary cable having a length of 3 ft and has a 3.5mm jack. Considering the length it has, you can place the connected smartphone/tablet on the opposite seat conveniently. This cable has minimum distortions and supports a variety of smartphones including Apple, Samsung, and countless other MP3 players.

The jack is immensely flexible and it can easily fit into tight spaces because the overall structure of the cable is compact and slim. The cable only has a weight of 2.4 ounces and comes with a company backed warranty of two years. As it does not get tangled, it can be easily kept the pocket or car dashboard.

  1. 5mm cable by Anker

The Anker car auxiliary cable is one of the best options available in the market. It has a length of 4 feet and a weight of 1.31 ounces.  The cable has 24k gold-plated contacts to provide users with the best sound quality.  These contacts are used by the biggest headphone brands including Sennheiser and Bose. The cable has a slim structure which makes it easy to carry.

  1. Cellularize 3.5mm Aux Cable

This cable has a length of 4 feet and supports numerous devices including iPod, Echo Dot, and even iPhone. The weight of this cable is 1.6 ounces. Along with that, there is a 15000+ bend lifespan. The sound quality produced by this cable is quite impressive because it has a copper shell.  In addition to that, the copper shell reduces the level of distortion as well. Click here to buy.

  1. Monster Cable AI800 Mini 7 

This cable has a weight of 3.84 ounces and is suitable for listening to podcasts as well as enjoying music. It has a length of 7 feet and comes with gold plated contacts. These contacts minimize the level of distortion to produce improved sound quality.

  1. Amazon Basic male to male 3.5mm cable

This is a very durable cable that has been designed for long-term usage. It has an amazing length of 8 feet and can easily stretch from the music player to the back seat of the car. In other words, someone sitting at the backseat of the car would be able to connect his phone to the music player.


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